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Gerard D. Haderlein, serving Lakeview and the Northside Chicago area for over 25 years

Gerard D. Haderlein serves the Chicago community of Lakeview as a lawyer. He has been practicing for over twenty five years. He handles all aspects of legal issues related to real estate. He has given lectures to new lawyers and law students on the subject of representing clients in residential real estate transactions. He provides lectures to community organizations and church groups on the subject of estate planning. He has maintained an income tax preparation practice since 1977. He also handles misdemeanors and DUI cases.




3413 N. Paulina Street

Chicago, Illinois 60657




Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Gerard D. Haderlein is an experienced real estate lawyer. He has served thousands of clients over the last 25 years with their real estate transactions. Mr. Haderlein is happy to serve clients from all over the City and Suburbs and takes special pride in serving first generation clients from almost every corner of the world. Mr. Haderlein specializes in the transaction of Real Estate and related issues to commercial real estate, residential real estate, closings, and property title search and insurance.

Probate Law

Gerard Haderlein has helped many clients in the Chicago area in matters of probate law and estate planning. Probate refers to proving the existence of a valid will, or if there is no will, determining who will receive the decedent’s property and what taxes might be owed on his or her estate.  Gerard Haderlein will assist in the analysis of wills and legally transferring the ownership of the descendant’s property. 

Income Tax

Gerard Haderlein has maintained a tax preparation business since he was a college student at DePaul University studying accounting. He prepares personal, business, and fiduciary tax returns. Most of his tax clients are long term.

Estate Planning

Gerard Haderlein will facilitate all your estate planning needs. He will help you ensure you meet your estate plan goals for you and your loved ones. He will make sure you set up a plan not only for your property but for your family as well. Estate planning is a complex matter and requires the care and attention you will receive from Gerard Haderlein.



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